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Personalized Seat Covers, Live Chat, New Models, and Influencer Collaborations!

Personalized Seat Covers, Live Chat, New Models, and Influencer Collaborations!

Matt Spencer |

Dear MotoCoverz Enthusiasts,

We're thrilled to share some exciting news with you - MotoCoverz has undergone significant updates, making your experience even more tailored and enjoyable. Here's a rundown of the latest features and collaborations that we're eager to unveil:

1. Personalize Your Ride with Full Skins: Shape Your Own Seat Cover!
Say hello to our innovative full skins! Ideal for those who want a custom-fit seat cover, our full skins come complete with straps. This means your main concern is covered, and all you need to do is trim it to fit your motorcycle perfectly. Enjoy the freedom to shape your seat cover the way you envision, giving your ride a unique and personalized touch.

2. Real-Time Connection with Live Chat: Meet Matt, Your Go-To Expert!
We understand that sometimes you need instant answers. That's why we've introduced a live chat function on our website. Now, you can connect with Matt, our expert, in real-time. Ask questions, seek advice, and get the information you need promptly. Just a heads up, Matt is human and does need his beauty sleep occasionally, so don't worry if he's not available at all hours.

3. Expanded Search by Make and Model: Moto Morini Models Added!
We're committed to offering a wide range of options for our customers. That's why we've expanded our 'search by make and model' section to include Moto Morini models. Finding the perfect seat cover for your specific motorcycle has never been easier!

4. Welcoming Influencers to the MotoCoverz Family: @tiny.gearshifter and @surak_the_dog!

- @tiny.gearshifter: A Vibrant Addition to Our Affiliate Family
We're delighted to welcome Denise, aka @tiny.gearshifter, to our affiliate family. With an impressive social media following of nearly 30,000 followers (as of Feb 2024), Denise will soon be showcasing our bright mandarin seat cover on her Triumph Tiger. Stay tuned for the stunning visuals of her personalized ride!

- @surak_the_dog: Our First Furry Ambassador
Meet Surak, the four-legged sensation and our very first furry ambassador! If you're a dog lover, you're in for a treat. With an adorable account that includes Surak riding pillion, this is an account to add to your follow list. With just under 15,000 followers, Surak is set to receive his own MotoCoverz sheepskin very soon. Watch this space for adorable updates!

At MotoCoverz, we're constantly striving to enhance your riding experience. Whether it's through personalized seat covers, real-time support, expanded model options, and exciting collaborations, of which we have another exciting collaboration to announce very soon.

Thank you for being a part of the MotoCoverz family. Ride on, and stay tuned for more thrilling updates!

Best regards,


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