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MotoCoverz Unveils the Exclusive Midnight Range with Jonathon Ross as Ambassador.

MotoCoverz Unveils the Exclusive Midnight Range with Jonathon Ross as Ambassador.

Matt Spencer |

Riding in Style: MotoCoverz Unveils the Exclusive Midnight Range with Jonathon Ross as Ambassador"

In the thrilling world of motorcycles, the pursuit of excellence in both style and performance is a journey many riders embark upon. MotoCoverz, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, takes this journey a step further with the introduction of the '2WheelAdv' Exclusive Midnight Range. This extraordinary collection has been curated in collaboration with none other than the esteemed motorcycle enthusiast and content creator, Jonathon Ross, aka @2wheeladv.

Jonathon Ross, renowned for his high-quality content and insightful reviews, was approached by MotoCoverz to become their brand ambassador. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Jonathon handpicked the 'Midnight' seat cover, elevating it to the status of his exclusive colourway within the Midnight Range.

What makes the Midnight Range truly exceptional is the use of premium materials, particularly the introduction of MotoCoverz sheepskin seat pads. Jonathon Ross, a seasoned adventurer, has relied on sheepskin for years during his motorcycle journeys, and MotoCoverz is proud to announce that he now exclusively endorses our sheepskin seat pads for the ultimate riding comfort.

- Diana aka, @dutch_minion_and_her_bike at the MOTORbeurs Utrecht

For those of you based in the Netherlands, the MOTORbeurs Utrecht was an opportunity to witness MotoCoverz's impact first hand. Diana, known as @dutch_minion_and_her_bike, showcased her Honda Twin Africa, affectionately named Lazuli, proudly featuring a MotoCoverz forest green 'Enigma' seat cover. This unexpected and delightful surprise was a testament to the brand's popularity and the appreciation of its products by the riding community.

- Upcoming pause in production due to surgery.

However, there's will be an upcoming brief pause in the production buzz at MotoCoverz as we gear up for a necessary break. In early April, Matt will temporarily step back from production due to his upcoming carpal tunnel surgery. While this may momentarily slow us down, we're optimistic that with a successful surgery, he'll be back at full throttle in no time.

In conclusion, the '2WheelAdv' Exclusive Midnight Range is not just a collection of seat covers; it's an invitation to embark on a stylish adventure crafted with passion, endorsed by none other than Jonathon Ross. Join us as we redefine your motorcycle experience with the Midnight Range, personally chosen by Jonathon himself for its unparalleled quality and style.

A special shout-out to Diana (@dutch_minion_and_her_bike) for showcasing her Honda Twin Africa, Lazuli, adorned with our forest green 'Enigma' seat cover at MOTORbeurs Utrecht. Your support adds another layer of authenticity to our journey, and we're truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your riding experience.

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